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DEINONYCHUS – Full-length (80 min)
A group of small-town trivia buffs expects to win the state Knowledge Bowl meet this year, but they've inadvertently pissed off one team member: Anton, the dorkiest team member, who feels he has been unfairly benched for three years. To everyone's surprise, Anton demands one of four seats at the quiz bowl table each and every round, the team's power structure crumbles. Over the course of two tournaments–the first and the last of the season–the five teenagers try to put aside their worries in pursuit of the one thing they can all agree on: a state championship. Deinonychus is an explosive drama about sex, friendship, bullying, and why anyone bothers with trivia. (1 F, 5 M)

AN ALTRUIST – One-act (45 min)
Out of nowhere, a teenage girl from a small town acquires the mysterious ability to read minds. Her name is Sabrina, and, well... she just uses her power to cheat on her economics tests. Her teacher, Mr. Price, after discovering her special power, has bigger plans: he and Sabrina could make a lot of money together at the poker tables. But Sabrina's big sister Jen, a high school dropout with the same curious talent as her sibling, comes back to town to thwart Mr. Price and protect Sabrina from making the same mistakes she did. "An Altruist" is a quiet drama about money, mendacity, and the morality of mind-reading. (3 F, 2M)

LEAVE ME ALONE – One-act (20 min)
Kenneth, a whip-smart teenager and video-game enthusiast, receives the first letter he’s ever gotten from his longtime friend and lover Max, who is currently serving in Iraq. Haunted by their past, Kenneth revisits the rocky relationship as the grim significance of the unopened letter finally becomes clear. (2 M)

CHUCK – One-act (12-14 min)
Chuck wants to kick the football. Lu laughs when she pulls it away. Two kids with a tempestuous friendship are stuck in a rut, and it feels like it's been going on forever. Can they break the cycle? (Do they want to?) A bittersweet comedy in four quarters. (1 F, 1 M)

FIRSTBORN – One-act (10 min)
A glum pharaoh entertains an unwelcome visitor in his chambers, growing more and more agitated each minute the visitor stands in silence. The pharaoh—already a political punch line—can't afford to entertain the visitor's absurd demands. But as midnight approaches and a strange wind builds outside the palace, only one of the two men can prevail. A political fable performed by one actor. (1 M)

LOCKED-IN – One-act (10 min)
A cure for aging exists, and Vicki, a boozy biologist, has figured it out all by herself—and also created a multi-million dollar corporation that markets the process as a hot fad for teenage girls, thank you very much. But when Vicki throws a “locking-in” party for her own daughter, young Lana must decide: should she join in on the cosmetic craze or carve a path separate from her mother's? A futuristic play for two actors. (2 F)

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